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I never write reviews, but you got to know the Live Bold App is great at getting me started in the word each day!


Best app on my phone! Real truth and breakthrough inside this app. Love it.


I use this with my small group as a way for us to share something in common through the week.


The Live Bold app has helped me get my life back on track and following the Lords path.


One of the best Christian App's in the store! Daily Devotions, brotherhood, prayer! Keep up the good Work!


This is number one among daily devotions. Especially since it's geared for men. Food for thought every day.

R LaCroix

Ready to strengthen your faith?

``This app is perfect for anyone who is wanting to be closer to God. I have only had this app for about a month and I have came farther than I expected with my walk with God.`` - B. Potts


Are You With Us?

We're heading for the summit of faith and life. Climbing over our challenges and making way to the clear air. Come along!

``This is a great app to help keep your steps straight. Excellent for daily, weekly, and monthly individual and group study.`` - - Troy Allen


``This is number one among daily devotions. Especially since it's geared for men. Food for thought every day.`` - R. LaCroix

The Goal

Our mission is to help you win at faith and life. Each devotion is crafted to meet men right where he lives, works, and plays.

Community Builder

Men from all across the world are sharing their challenges and praying for success through our comment wall. It's free and easy to participate.

Designed for Men

Designed for the unique challenges and culture of men. Building a stronger man of God means building stronger families, friends, and communities.

New Every Day

New Devotions are loaded every day. The number of the day matches the day of the year, so you can keep track.

Easy Read and Quick

Each devotion is designed to be relevant to your daily life with a dose of application if you dare to accept it.

Strong Foundation

All devotions are rooted in scripture and truth. We stay away from needless debates and unafraid to tackle hard topics.

Live Bold Prayer Wall

``The prayer wall has helped me see there are men all over the world praying for my struggle. I get a lift when I pray for them too.`` - B. Lewis

Request Prayer

One click and your prayer is open for men around the world to see and engage.

Pray For Others

Scroll the prayer wall and respond as you are led. Press the comment icon and add your prayer.

I Prayed

A quick tap of the button lets others know you are praying. No time to type? Just pray and click ``I prayed``.

Names Not Required

Maybe you aren't ready to let the world know your deepest worry. Leave your prayer request or your prayers with a name or stay anonymous.


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“I am so grateful for someone who takes the time to create this app to share God’s love and word through those scriptures and daily prayers and events that everyone can connect towards each other. This app can change anybody’s life. Everyone deserves to be blessed and praise the Almighty Lord always.” – Teh Ye Shern

Extra Premium Content - NOW FREE!


The coaching pathway is designed for guys who want to get serious about growing spiritually. You'll follow an easy process to move you through your current life and send you to the summit of faith and life.

This stage will help unburden you from the past, and prep you to move into a new day.

This stage will give you the rock solid foundation for Christian living – simply. You will apply these core disciplines immediately to prepare you for today and the future.

Learn and apply a core set of truths that will launch you up and over any mountain in your life. You will discover the God Pattern for perhaps the first time.

Reaching the summit of faith and life will open up your best life, right now. We’ll provide you with a set of tools and gear to help you stay on top.

The Live Bold App for Christian men is a completely FREE experience – Including coaching. Make sure you have the latest version of the app to unlock your free coaching pathway.

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